Clinics & Services

All GP practices are contracted to provide 'essential services', that is, basic treatment of ill people. We also provide the following 'additional services' that are detailed below.

Cervical Screening

Our practice nurse provides this service; appointments can be made for this by calling the main surgery number.

The cervical smear test is a screening test which checks to see if the cells that make up the surface of the neck of your womb (cervix) are normal. It aims to identify any abnormalities, which can be simply and effectively treated.

In order to check that no abnormalities have occurred since your last smear, it is important to have regular smear tests. This is an effective method of identifying any abnormal changes in the cells, which are present at the time you have the test. In the UK, the smear test saves over 1,000 lives every year and has prevented 8 out of 10 cervical cancers developing. However, it cannot prevent all cases.

All women between 25 and 64 years of age, who have had sex, need regular cervical smears.

In Scotland women aged 25 - 49 are routinely invited to have a smear every three years, and women aged 50 - 64 are routinely invited to have a smear every five years. If it is more than three/five (dependant on age) years since you last had a smear and you have not received a recent invitation please contact us. Remember, it is still important to see a doctor as soon as possible any time you have any unusual discharge or bleeding, including bleeding after sex, between periods or after the menopause.

The practice would encourage you to attend for a cervical smear when invited, however if you wish to opt out you must complete our Smear Refusal Form downloadable HERE. If you change your mind you can attend for a smear at any time and you will be sent a letter of invitation every three years.

Child Health Surveillance and Immunisation

This is provided by a combination of GPs and our Health Visiting team.

Family Planning

All the doctors offer contraceptive advice and treatment. As with all aspects of GP care this is offered in the strictest confidence.

Part of our service is emergency contraception and this includes the "morning after" pill. Up to 5 days after unprotected sex you can obtain emergency contraception to prevent a pregnancy.

This treatment is much more effective if started within 72 hours.

Minor Surgery Services

We can provide some minor surgery procedures to our patients in a specific minor surgery clinic.

Pre Pregnancy Advice

If you are thinking of pregnancy, we are happy to discuss promoting a healthy mother and baby even before you become pregnant. Please make an appointment if you would like some advice on this.

We also offer antenatal care in conjunction with the Community Midwives and the local Maternity Hospital. We perform postnatal examinations at 8 weeks after delivery.

Travel Clinics

Immunisation for adults in relation to travel. Not all travel immunisations are available on the NHS, please ask our practice nurse for details. 

Click here for more information on travel health.

Enhanced Services

We also hold contracts with NHS Grampian for the following 'enhanced services':

  • We operate Flu Clinics for over 65s and patients regarded as at risk. Details of this are publicised separately but usually occur over the winter months.
  • Regular monitoring, by blood and urine tests, for patients on a range of drugs for arthritis and bowel problems.
  • Annual comprehensive reviews for patients with Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, Stroke, Epilepsy, Cancer, Mental Health Illness, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Hypothyroidism.
  • A methadone substitution programme for patients with drug abuse problems.

A more detailed list of primary medical services in the area can be found on the NHS Grampian website or by calling 08454 566 000.

Specialist Clinics

We offer Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Hypertension and Healthy Heart clinics run by our Practice nurses, health visitors and pharmacists. There is also a doctor led Diabetic Team, running specialist diabetic clinics every week. 

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